Faculty and Staff

Dr. Joyce T. Shirazi

Dean, School of Engineering and Technology
Phone: 757-728-6970
Email: joyce.shirazi@hamptonu.edu
Location: Olin 117


Chemical Engineering Faculty

Dr. Jerald Dumas

Chair and Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering
Phone: 757-727-5589
Email: jerald.dumas@hamptonu.edu
Location: Olin 302D

Dr. Brian Aufderheide

Associate Professor

Phone: 757-727-5292
Email: brian.aufderheide@hamptonu.edu
Location: Olin 318

Dr. Adeyinka Adeyiga

Professor and Director of DOE Samuel P. Massie Chair of Excellence

Phone: 757-727-5289
Email: adeyinka.adeyiga@hamptonu.edu
Location: Olin 318F

Dr. Rupak Dua

Assistant Professor

Phone: 757-727-5069
Email: rupak.dua@hamptonu.edu
Location: Olin 318D


Research Faculty

Dr. Hoshang Chegini

Research Associate Professor
Phone: 757-727-5817
Email: hoshang.chegini@hamptonu.edu
Location: Olin 318E

Dr. Vadivel Jagasivamani

Research Assistant Professor
Phone: 757-727-5583
Email: vadivel.jagasivamani@hamptonu.edu
Location: Olin 302A

Dr. Eric Sheppard

Research Associate Professor
Phone: 757-728-6970
Email: eric.sheppard@hamptonu.edu
Location: Olin 410B


Emeritus Faculty

Dr. Ates Akyurtlu

Professor Emeritus
Email: ates.akyurtlu@hamptonu.edu

Dr. Jale F. Akyurtlu

Professor Emerita
Email: jale.akyurtlu@hamptonu.edu



Ms. MaryAnn Almanzar

IT Technician
Phone: 757-727-5839
Email: maryann.almanzar@hamptonu.edu
Location: Olin 405

Ms. Veronica Charles

Administrative Assistant
Phone: 757-727-5288
Email: veronica.charles@hamptonu.edu
Location: Olin 318

Mr. Vitaly Khaykin

Laboratory Manager

Phone: 757-727-5741
Email: vitaly.khaykin@hamptonu.edu
Location: Olin 410A