Outreach Programs

OutreachThe Engineering faculty members are involved with outreach and education projects that reach out to K-12 students and teachers in the local communities. The information here provides a brief overview of these efforts.



The Business of Engineering

The Business of Engineering program is an intensive daytime summer program for talented high school students hosted by Hampton University’s School of Engineering & Technology and the School of Business. The program involves an immersion of engineering projects intertwined with business practice. The program aims to stimulate interest in engineering and business by (1) demonstrating the interdependence of engineering and business in making real world choices, (2) introducing engineering methodology as a means of problem solving, (3) exposing students to the entertaining, yet challenging world of engineering, (4) introducing students to cutting edge, computer-aided design software used to solve day-to-day problems. The program engages students in problem solving and team-building by incorporating participation in design contests, case studies, and educational field trips. More information, including registration »


Verizon Innovative Learning for Minority Males

The Verizon Foundation has partnered with Hampton University to implement a program for the development of technology skills and entrepreneurship for middle school minority males in Hampton Roads, Virginia as part of their Verizon Innovative Learning program. This Verizon Innovative Learning program is a first-of its-kind, two-year program that gives minority boys in middle school access to high-level technology - including coding, robotics and 3D design - STEM and entrepreneurship skills. The program includes hands-on, interactive instruction and mentors. During the summer, students participate in all-day technology classes on college campuses. Throughout the school year students meet with mentors for continued support and technology skills enhancement.


Consortium for Advanced Manufacturing Outreach

A STEM program for middle school students at Hunter B. Andrews PK-8 to be exposed and explore advances in manufacturing (e.g. 3D Printing, Computer Software, and Application of Technology). The program is done in collaboration with Hampton University’s School of Engineering and Technology and Time Out 4U Youth Engineering, and is sponsored by the Consortium of Advanced Manufacturing (CAM). The Consortium is a coalition of 8 Universities and 3 National Laboratories with the support of the United States Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration Agency. More information »