Plasma Assisted Synthesis and Functionalization of Boron Nitride Nanotubes

BNNTProject Team: Eric Sheppard, Won Yi, Calvin Lowe

Funded by: Office of Naval Research


Boron Nitride Nano Tubes, or BNNT, have many technologically important properties that give them great potential for applications useful to the naval warfighter. These include such things as lightweight personal armor, impact resistant faceplates and viewports, cosmic ray shielding for high altitude aircraft and spacecraft, advanced chemical sensors, and high temperature optoelectronic and magneto-electronic devices. However, the inability to synthesize it at a rate higher than a few tens of grams per hour has left a dearth of information about how BNNT performs in real-world applications. The overall goal of this project is to synthesize BNNT at a near commercially viable rate and supply it to others engaged in applications research and development with this material.